Geethu Anna Rahul: "I want to be a role model for other youngsters."
John Wooden: “It isn't what you do, but how you do it.”
Vishesh Bhriguvanshi: “I never imagined I’ll be leading the national team.”
Pratham Singh: “My teammates are like my family.”


3rd- 4th Place Match (on 18th December): India (Amritpal Singh 24, Vishesh Bhriguvanshi 23, Rikin Pethani 16, Pratham Singh 10) bt Eastern Long Lions (Hong Kong) (Poon Chi Ho 18, Christopher Barnes 12, Lee Ki 10) 90-60 [20-17, 13-13, 32-19, 25-11] 

Semifinals (on 17th December): Southern California Fukienese Association Basketball Team (USA) (Taylor Statham 26, Donald Lee 21, Van Girard II 10) bt India (Vishesh Bhriguvanshi 35, Rikin Pethani 21, Amritpal Singh 17) 93-89 [19-25, 26-21, 23-27, 25-16]

Preliminary Round Game 2: India (Vishesh Bhriguvanshi 29, Amritpal Singh 18, Pratham Singh 11) bt Thailand (Nakorn Jaisanuk 17, Moses Morgan 13) 86-65 [20-12, 13-20, 27-7, 26-26]

Preliminary Round Game 1: India (Amritpal Singh 28, Aravind Annadurai 21, Vishesh Bhriguvanshi 19) bt Hong Kong, Winling (Kepkay Alexander 29, Hosford Daniel 21, Lau Kin 12) 86-78 [12-10, 22-27, 22-21, 30-20]


About the Super Kung Sheung Cup International Championship

The 21st edition of the Super Kung Sheung Cup was played at the Queen Elizabeth Stadium, Hong Kong.


1.       National Team of India

2.       National Team of Malaysia

3.       National Team of Singapore

4.       National Team of Thailand

5.       Southern California Fukienese Association Basketball Team (USA)

6.       Guangxi Wei Zhuang Basketball Club, China

7.       National Team of Hong Kong, SCAA

8.       National Team of Hong Kong, Eastern Long Lions

9.       National Team of Hong Kong, Winling



The 9 participating teams were split into three groups (A, B & C). The initial stage is being played in the typical round robin fashion. The best team in each group and the 2nd best team among the remaining teams qualify for the semi-finals.



Group 1: National Team of Malaysia, Guangxi Wei Zhuang Basketball Club (China), National Team of Hong Kong (Eastern Long Lions)

Group 2: National Team of Hong Kong (SCAA), National Team of Singapore, Southern California Fukienese Association Basketball Team (USA) 

Group 3: National Team of Thailand, National Team of India, National Team of Hong Kong (Winling)






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